The Center Can Offer a Solution
In addition to receiving specialized trustee services from the Center, trust beneficiaries also benefit from the Center's fee policies. For example, the Center requires no minimum deposit and has no minimum annual fee for small accounts. Beneficiaries are not charged for individual transactions, everything is included in one annual fee.
About Us
The Center engages the services of a law firm that understands the strict requirements of eligibility for public assistance programs. The services of a registered investment advisor also provide the benefit of professional money management.
What are Special Needs Trusts?
Special Needs Trusts are an exception to the rules that normally apply to trusts. Normally, a trust will be considered an available asset whenever someone applies for a means tested public assistance program such as SSI or Medicaid.
How Do They Work?
Unlike a traditional trust, a properly drafted and administered special needs trust will not be counted as an available asset, and trust disbursements will not be counted as income under the rules that apply to SSI and Medicaid.

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